Medical device CE marking



“What makes us unique is our international orientation, high level of competence and field experience. We pride ourselves on a practical approach and our ethical and professional values”


Mr. Ton Pennings
P.  +31(0)343.442.524
M. +31(0)6.5165.3626

Mr. Rogier Nusselder
Senior Consultant Regulatory Compliance
P.  +31(0)343.442.524
M. +31(0)6.2920.6392

Mr. Theo Nusselder
Member of the board
P.  +31(0)343.442.524


Ms. Deepa Ganesh
Consultant Regulatory Compliance
P.  +31(0)343.442.524
M. +31(0)6.8423.9889

Ms. Mieke Nusselder
Office Manager
P.  +31(0)343.442.524


Ms. Monique van der Voort
Management Assistant
P.  +31(0)343.442.524
M. +31(0)6.1358.9864